Barbara Sturm Drops, the world-renowned aesthetic doctor, barbara Sturm has taken the beauty industry by storm for a good reason, her innovative and highly effective products are targeting different concerns of the skin with maximum results. The Glow Drops, super Anti-Aging Serum and the newly launched Anti-pollution Drops are a perfect gift for Mothers day. They can be used on their own or in combination and are a great addition to the skincare routine. M, baccarat rouge 540 Extrait de parfum. The collaboration between the high-end perfumery masion Francis Kurkdjian and Baccarat is a dream come true, the just recently re-launched rouge 540 Exrait de parfum is a perfect gift in all aspects. From the bottle design, packaging to the long lasting sensual scent that has woody amber floral notes. It is a perfect and sophisticated gift that will definitely impress the special person in your life. M, swiss Bellefontaine cellstemine, bellefontaine is a swiss brand that is praised and used by many beauticians because of the effectiveness of the ingredients.

alpine silk gold placenta cream a pure collagen mask. It will work wonders. Then, go for afternoon tea in The Promenade, where you can spend quality time in lush surroundings and eat the best sandwiches and cakes on offer, alongside forever flowing cups of speciality tea. They've just updated their patisserie selection, so no excuses. Afternoon tea from 58 per person.

The award-winning brand is known for their effective diamond Collection and cc vitamin Line that will make her skin glow and more youthful. From 99 m, roja parfums Amore hernia mio, treat your mother with a fragrance that will make her dream of summer and will lift her mood every time she wears. The roja Amore mio is part of the new DAmore collection with a sweet, warm scent that has notes such as mandarin, bergamot, rose, neroli, saffron. With one of the base notes being cocoa it creates a veil of warmth and would be described as love in the bottle. M, lugano aurora milanese gold/White 38MM watch. The new Lugano aurora watch uses an intricate and eye-catching guilloche pattern on the white dial, to ensure it stands out. What's better is that it's a gift made to last. M, biologique recherche, biologique recherche is a french biological skincare line that has been a secret weapon of many beauticians. With a personalized and clinical approach to skincare, the brand uses pure and effective ingredients that can improve various skin concerns and contribute to a more youthful appearance. Go for a gift certificate, which will mean that she can take a skin test and personalize the skincare or opt for bestsellers such as the lotion P50, serum a-glyca, serum Placenta and their famous masks. Available at Liberty london or, spa and afternoon tea at The dorchester.

alpine silk gold placenta cream

M : Alpine silk lanolin Collagen Cream (250 gr/8

Clive christian Original Collection x feminine Edition. X feminine Edition is one of Clive christians best-selling perfumes for a reason. Known its use of rare ingredients, this fragrance is a true masterpiece with a blend of pineapple, bergamot, rhubarb and mandarin with addition to notes such as cashmere and cedarwood. It is a perfect combination of sensual sweet notes and a seductive veil of warm notes, which is perfect for the upcoming warmer days. M, manicure l'Objet eau d'égée candle 350g, don't think you can't go wrong with a candle, you can. Finding the right one takes time, like l'objet which uses a base of oak, cedar, lavender and musk, it's infused with fresh notes of patchouli and pepperwood and then finished with fig, laurel leaves, coriander and white pepper. The family owned company natura bissé works with industry-leading aestheticians to develop innovative skin care with highly concentrated ingredients that will exceed most expectations.

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Sweetness would be your name, and you would wonder why four of your teeth are so sharp, and the tiny mountain range of your knuckles so hard. And you would throw back your head and open your mouth at the cows lowing their human songs in the field, and the pigs swimming in shit and clover, and everything on this earth, little dreamer, little dreamer of the new world, holy, every raindrop. Photo by Shari wagner Ode to the beekeeper —for Stephanie smith who has taken off her veil and gloves and whispers to the bees in their own language, inspecting the comb-thick frames, blowing just so when one or the other alights on her, if she. Which is why, first, she put on the veil. And which is why, too, she took it off. Photo by Shari wagner From Against Which (cavanKerry Press Ltd., 2006) How to fall in love with your Father Put your hands beneath his armpits, bend your knees, wait for the clasp of his thinning arms;  the best lock cheek to cheek. . do not, right now, recall the shapes he traced yesterday on your back, moments before being wheeled to surgery. Do not pretend the anxious calligraphy of touch was sign beyond some unspeakable animal stammer. . do not go back further into the landscape of silence you both tended, with body and breath, until it nearly obscured all but the genetic gravity between you.

Did crave still have his name? Or did the hand that drew the two from dust loosen its grip as they studied the taste of each others mouths, as their own hands made the first human cries beneath menu that night? And when that song reached their God, didnt he smile, and caress the slithering thing in his lap, both of them proud of their childrens first steps? Photo by Shari wagner poem to my child, If ever you shall be —after Steve scafdi The way the universe sat waiting to become, quietly, in the nether of space and time, you too remain some cellular snuggle dangling between my legs, curled in the. If you come to be- and who knows?—I wonder, little bubble of unbudded capillaries, little one ever aswirl in my vascular galaxies, what would you think of this world that turns itself steadily into an oblivion that hurts, and hurts bad?

Would you curse me my careless caressing you into this world or would you rise up and mustering all your strength into that tiny throat that one day, no doubt, would grow big and strong, scream and scream and scream until you break the back. I have so many questions for you, for you are closer to me than anyone has ever been, tumbling, as you are, this second, through my hearts every chamber, your teeny mouth singing along with the half-broke workhorses steady boom and gasp. And since were talking today i should tell you, though i know you sneak a peek sometimes through your fathers eyes, its a glorious day, and there are millions of leaves collecting against the curbs, and theyre the most delicate shade of gold weve ever. And as to your mother—well, i dont know- but my guess is that lilac bursts from her throat and she is both honeybee and wasp and some kind of moan to boot and probably she dances in the morning- but who knows? Youll swim beneath that bridge if it comes. For now let me tell you about the bush called honeysuckle that the sad call a weed, and how you could push your little sun-licked face into the throngs and breathe and breathe.

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The maggot turning in its corpse. Made me forsake my thumbs for the sheen of unshod hooves. And in this way drop my torches. And in this way drop my knives. Feel the small song in my chest swell and my coat glisten and twitch.

And my face grow long. And these words cast off, at last, for the slow honest tongue of horses. Photo by Shari wagner From Bringing the Shovel Down (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011) Praising the Snake today as the season of bloom truly begins its retreat in the form of the neighbor lady cutting back her lilies, and the anxious look of crickets, and. Im praising eve and Adam their hunger and wondering the explosions million colors. . heartbreak, yes, and a fathers cold shoulder, but what secrets of touch as the boundless path unfolded and the cold took hold? What then of God?

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Photo by Shari wagner Burial youre right, youre right, the fertilizers good- it wasnt a gang of dullards came up with chucking a fish in the planting hole or some midwife got lucky with the placenta- oh, Ill plant a tree here!- and a sudden. Almost dancing now in the plum, in the tree, the way he did as a person, bent over and biting his lip and chucking the one hip out then the other with his elbows cocked and fists loosely made and eyes closed and mouth made. Photo by Shari wagner Ode to Sleeping in my Clothes And though I dont mention it to my mother or the doctors with their white coats it is, in fact, a great source of happiness, for me, as I dont even remove my socks, and. Photo by Shari wagner Becoming a horse It manicure was dragging my hands along its belly, loosing the bit and wiping the spit from its mouth made me a snatch of grass in the things maw, a fly tasting its ear. It was touching my nose to his made me know the clovers bloom, my wet eye to his made me know the long fields secrets. But it was putting my heart to the horses that made me know the sorrow of horses. The sorrow of a brook creasing a field.

alpine silk gold placenta cream

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And as the speaker asserts in "Praising the Snake the serpent that's blamed for tempting the first couple, brought that couple closer together as they took their first steps. There are so many reasons why i love. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude: for its huge embrace of what's earthy; for its accessibility amid complexity; for its mythic dimension, intensity, music, tenderness, and creme grace. Note: In the spring of 2017, i chose ross's wonderful poem "Ode to Drinking Water from. My hands" for Indiana humanities' celebration of National poetry month. You can read it here. Photo by Shari wagner, from, catalog of Unabashed Gratitude (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2015 to the fig Tree on 9th and Christian. Tumbling through the city in my mind without once looking up the racket in the lugwork probably rehearsing some stupid thing I said or did some crime or other the city they say is a lonely place until yes the sound of sweeping and. In Philadelphia a city like most which has murdered its own people this is true we are feeding each other from a tree at the corner of Christian and 9th strangers maybe never again.

Ross is a founding board member of the natuur Bloomington Community Orchard, a non-profit, free-fruit-for-all food justice and joy project. . he has received fellowships from cave canem, the Bread loaf Writer's Conference, and the guggenheim foundation. . Ross teaches at Indiana University. Visit, ross's website and the website for the, bloomington Community Orchard. Fruit trees, flowers, bees and birds infuse ross gay's poems. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude is the garden after the fall, where the speaker must contend with injustice, loneliness and death, where the tree at the center is both the tree of loss and the tree of life. Its roots are fed by the dust of a father, while fruit-laden boughs nourish the son. The garden the speaker cherishes belongs to "the nation of simple joy yet as Ross points out in the interview that follows, "joy does not exist without grief." The same bees that produce honey have the potential to sting. .

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December 2017, in the garden, the poetry of Ross gay, ross gay is the author of three books: Against Which; Bringing the Shovel Down; and. Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, winner of the 2015 National book critics Circle Award and scadenza the 2016 Kingsley tufts poetry Award. Catalog was also a finalist for the 2015 National book award in poetry, the Ohioana book award, the balcones poetry Prize, the hurston-Wright Legacy Award, and it was nominated for an naacp image Award. Ross is the co-author, with Aimee nezhukumatathil, of the chapbook. Lace and Pyrite: Letters from Two gardens, in addition to being co-author, with Richard Wehrenberg,., of the chapbook, river. He is a founding editor, with Karissa Chen and Patrick rosal, of the online sports magazine. Some call it Ballin in addition to being an editor with the chapbook presses q avenue and Ledge mule Press. .

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