Controls Cholesterol levels Cholesterol is one of the major reasons for the development of heart diseases. Cholesterol forms plaque-like structures inside the blood vessels and arteries that obstruct the blood flow. This, in turn, causes the heart to pump with higher force, resulting in heart weakening, which can be followed by a heart attack. For starters, cholesterol is of two types. One is hdl or high-density lipid cholesterol, which is good cholesterol, and the other is ldl or low-density lipid cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol. It is the ldl or bad cholesterol that forms plaque and leads to heart weakening.

is absolutely necessary, as it can lead to the development of several other diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and ocular diseases. One of the major health benefits of consuming goji berries is that it can help in controlling diabetes. Recent studies suggest that the fruit extracts of goji berries possess considerable hypoglycemic properties.

The other name, wolfberry, is thought to have originated from the Greek name of shiseido the plant. Lycium, from, lycos or wolf in Greek. Goji tree grows up to a height of about 3 meters. The berries are small, up to 2 cm, dark red or orange, and oblong shaped. These berries taste anywhere from bitter to sweet. Goji is not only used as food and medicine in China, but also in Asian countries such as Korea, japan, and vietnam. The whole plant, including the berries, leaves, roots, and root bark, has been used for medicinal purposes. In traditional medicine, goji berries were used to cure liver diseases, infertility, abdominal pain, dry cough, fatigue, and headaches. It was considered to be a tonic that increased longevity. Nutritional Value of Goji berry, dried goji berries contain calories, carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, sugar, and protein. The minerals and vitamins found in goji berries include sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin c, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, polysaccharides, betaine, and peptidoglycans.

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The health benefits of goji berry include its ability to strengthen the immune system, improve eyesight, lower cholesterol levels, and control diabetes. Goji berry also provides improved liver health, cardiovascular protection, cancer prevention, and protection of brain cells and skin from uv radiations. What is opleiding Goji berry? Goji, or wolfberry, is used in traditional, chinese medicine and in food preparations in China. Wolfberry is actually divided into two sub-species, which are known. Lycium barbarum and, lycium chinense, both belonging to the, solanaceae family. Wolfberry is native to China but is also grown in warmer regions around the world, including Australia, north America, the mediterranean basin, central Asia, triangle and southwest Asia. China is the biggest exporter of wolfberry in the world. The English name goji is derived from the mandarin name gouqi.

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Last month our Goji berry sales dropped to a single, one bag order. At the same time our Goji juice sales went to 1000s/month. Up over 150 from January 2004. In other words, 100 of our Goji berry customers tried Goji juice and switched from berries to juice, instantly. Our market has voted with their wallets and Goji juice is the clear winner! If you're choosing greater abundance in your life, you may be served to catch the goji wave by joining in the Great Goji Adventure with Freelife. After you read this faq, get back with the person who referred you here for assistance setting you your Freelife account. If you're a long-time radical health member or came by a search engine you can setup your account by web, m/freelife/join or phone, id# 4170712.

are goji berries from china safe to eat

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Now we ship product all over the world. There are several sites about Goji berries and Goji juice. These sites are primarily organized for main streamers. Raw fooders have different questions and a different perspective, where they come from. This means i answer the same questions over and over. This came to a head when I send 178 unique, individual email on March 10th, 2004. Here's why: Up until last month (February 2004 we sold 1000s/monthly of Goji berries.

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are goji berries from china safe to eat

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Funding Goji producten research, goji berry nutrition, goji research Resources. Goji berry Glycemic Index, goji berries, wolf Berries, himalayans, nepal, tibet, China? Himalayan Goji juice, ordering Goji juice. Goji juice orac scores, is Himalayan Goji juice really raw? Is Himalayan Goji juice Organic? Goji berries Verses Goji juice, himalayan Goji juice compared with Berry young juice and others. Himalayan Goji juice compared with Noni juice.

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Radical health Goji faq, we, david and Yemiah, welcome you to radical health Research. If you've found your way here, eczeem congratulations on your taking massive action and response-ability for your health, vitality and longevity. You'll be served to email to become a member of our. Free Radical Health News Service. Your "way outside the box" resource for extreme leading edge alternative health news, articles, events, recipes and products. Your subscription information is confidential. You can read some of my personal story and find out how m came into existence.

Are goji berries from china safe to eat
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