I hope that you are enjoying your valuable persian rugs that have over 5,000 years of history behind it and is regarded as one of the best types of artwork or investments. These rugs have been dwelling in the minds of master weavers who produce these beautiful designs, colors, and workmanship that pleases the eyes of the beholder. The majority of these rugs are made by only one person and only one rug is usually produced from each design. I personally love rugs and am a collector of fine new and antique rugs. I own the place of my business and all of my customers are from referral, so i have the lowest overhead. Please refer me to your friends. I will serve them very professionally and patiently and save them thousands of dollars.

buy oriental rugs have placed. Please contact me whenever I may be of further assistance.

Some unique antique rugs and some museum pieces. Not only sell, but also trade and buy rugs. Providing best services you ever have. Offering 10 discount on the rug you buy from. Dear Friends and Customers: my name is Hossein Nilforoush. Nil in Persian means indigo, which is a mineral from India. In the past my ancestors used to own Indigo mines. They processed the indigo and sold it all over Persia. Foroush means sell, so nilforoush means indigo seller. We sold indigo for several generations, and we also did high quality side persian rug trade.

buy oriental rugs

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Welcome to, persepolis Oriental Rug of Northern Virginia. We are a fairfax county persian Rug dealer serving, washington dc, uitslag maryland and Virginia, including, falls Church, fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, annandale, oakton, reston, herndon, centreville, chantilly, vienna, tysons Corner, virginia, tyson's, McLean, and Great Falls. We offer the largest collection of Persian rugs in the area. 8 reasons to buy rugs from Persepolis Oriental Rug: A third generation of individual owned rug business. Serving the washington Metropolitan area for nearly 40 years. Best Hand made rug collection in usa. Large stock of wool, silk and wool, silk rugs.

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buy oriental rugs

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buy oriental rugs

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