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Cosmetic products become obsolete quickly as they only have an average shelf life of about one to two years and are more prone to deterioration. Cosmetics products may become obsolete when its being stocked in the warehouses. Thus, there will be a high inventory cost for wholesalers. It is a indirect channel because intermediaries are inserted between the producer and consumers. When deciding on the marketing channel, we have to consider which intermediaries can best reach out to the firms target market segment and satisfy the purchasing requirements of the target market. Best coverage of the target market segment can be attained by focusing on density(number of stores within a geographical region) and type of intermediaries to be used at retail level of distribution. Channel intensity is the degree of distribution density that exist.

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Had an idea of selling her products in biggest and best department stores with models advertising her products in pictures. What is the marketing channel design in terms of channel length, channel intensity, and channel types adopted by Shiseido in China? What factors influence its choice of the channel design and strategy? What improvements would you make to the channel design? Channel length is the number of intermediaries in a marketing channel.


The marketing channel design adopted by Shiseido in China has 1 intermediary, which is the retailers. It has a total of 3 levels, producer, retailers and consumers. The retailers include speciality stores, department store counters, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The channel, with a retailer added, is most common when a retailer is large and can buy in large quantities from manufacturers (Shiseido). Wholesalers which are another form of intermediaries, are omitted from the marketing channel. This is due to the short life cold span of cosmetics products.

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This is important as they are many competitors in the cosmetics market. They also act on behalf of their cosmetic companies by creating value for the customers, managing relationships and relay customer and market information back to the company. Feedback collated from customers and useful information such as competitive conditions and trends will be given to the manufacturers to aid them in product improvement and future marketing strategies. Facilitating function also includes grading of cosmetics products through inspection and test before assigning them quality grades. At department stores, there are many other cosmetic counters located near each other.

Competition is stiff and therefore it is important for facilitating functions to help consumers make choices and also to reach out to a larger market. 1 page, 408 words, the Essay on Estee lauder Products York cosmetic. 4 if you add her other cosmetic brands and stores, like mac. To get her to this fortune she. Her talent in selling her products was exceptionally great. Her products sold more when she began to give lipsticks.

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Intermediaries such as retailers will store and display products at their retail stores which are easily accessible by customers to perform the distribution function. Logistical functions also include assorting, which is creating product assortments from several sources to serve customers or reach a target market. Intermediaries also perform facilitating function to make transactions easier for buyers. Facilitating function is the most important for cosmetics products. Intermediaries help to make the cosmetics products more attractive to customers. Salesperson at departmental store cosmetic counters are assigned the role of displaying cosmetic products to potential customers, providing opleiding forms of advice and recommendations, information on cosmetics products and skincare knowledge, actively promoting their cosmetic products to customers while providing customers with excellent services. They also provide information to the consumers on which products are the best or most suitable. This helps narrow down a consumers evaluative criteria which they use to compare different products and brands. It also helps consumers to make more confident decision goji to buy the particular brand or product.

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words, the term Paper on Shiseido: Channeling Cosmetics in China. Question 1 What are the functions performed by the distribution channels in cosmetic products? Distribution channels are a set of interdependent oudere organizations involved in the. In the cosmetic industry, the functions of distribution channels can be summarized as follows; Provide exclusive retail space for the products. Sell the products through consultative. Some of the distribution channels purchase different cosmetics products from several sources and create product assortments to meet the demands of consumers. An example is to bundle facial wash and facial cream together and selling them at lower price to boost sales volume.

Distribution channels perform a transaction function that involves buying, selling and risk taking. Performing a transactional function by the logo distribution channels in cosmetics products would involve buying from the manufacturer of the cosmetics and reselling to other intermediaries, or intermediaries who resells to consumers. Wholesalers performs the function of sharing risk with the producer when it stocks the cosmetics products in anticipation of sales. However, if the stock is unsold for reasons such as out of fashion or deteriorating over time, the intermediarynot the producer suffers the loss. This is an important aspect of cosmetic product purchasing as cosmetic products become obsolete quickly as they only have an average shelf life of about one to two years and are more prone to deterioration. Logistical functions performed by distribution channels involve preparing and getting the cosmetics products to buyers. Another logistical role is to transport cosmetics products to either the next level of distribution channel or directly to the customers.

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If you would like to receive the latest exclusive information on Shiseido, please complete the form below: Aanhe voornaam achternaam e-mail-adres sign up sign up to hear the latest news and sites offers from Shiseido *Mandatory fields. What are the functions performed by the marketing and distribution channels for cosmetics products? Which of these functions are most important? Distribution Channels in the cosmetics industry consist of individuals and firms, involved in the process of making cosmetic products or services available to consumers. Marketing channels make possible the flow of goods from a producer, through intermediaries, to a buyer. Intermediaries perform 3 basic functions Transaction, logistical, facilitating. All 3 function must be performed in a marketing channel, even though each channel member may not participate in all three. To reduce wastage of resources due to repetition, channel members often negotiate which specific functions they will perform and for what price.

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