Kateli, kantakari: It is a diuretic which helps in the easy flow if the urine through the excretory system. Hence it helps in curing cystitis. It is also effective for gonorrhea and urinary stones as well. Kulfa: This is known to be a very effective herb which is used in treatment of urinary infections. It is not only common in Indian tradition but also with Greek tradition as well. Kulfa leaves mixed with water are required to be taken twice in a day which will result in excessive sweating. This will eventually take care of the scanty urination problem. Ayurvedic herbs preparations are very beneficial for treating cystitis problem.

ayurvedic home remedies natural herbs to tone the kidneys and eventually normalize the functioning of apan vayu. Below is a list of the most effective ayurvedic herbs used to cure cystitis from the human body: Chandana: The chandana powder is one of the valuable treatments for cystitis. It is to be consumed with milk which will help cure urinary inflammation effectively. It is also recommended to add fennel water and ginger piece to increase the effectiveness.

Ayurveda has been studying issues on cystitis conditions since the ancient times. Hence over a period of time they have come up with some herbs which are very beneficial and good for treating acute cystitis. In ayurveda terms, apan vayu is disturbed when there is elimination or disturbance in urination. This mooie problem is also called verwijderen as mootrakruchhra in ayurveda and it is further categorized into four types: Vataj mootrakruchhra : mainly caused by vitiated vayu. Its marked by obstructed urination and severe pain in the pelvic region. Pittaj mootrakruchhra : caused mainly by vitiated pitta. This shows severe burning micturition and turns the color of urine red or yellowish. Kaphaj mootrakruchhra : caused mainly by vitiated kapha. This is characterized by swelling and heaviness in the pelvic region resulting in sticky urine. Sannipatik mootrakruchhra : caused by vitiation of all the three doshas and hence have mixed characteristics.

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Cystitis is a common urinary infection due to inflammation of the bladder area especially in the wall of the bladder. It is not a very complex condition. However, it gets itchier and then leads to more complications, if not treated on time. Using natural herbs is one of the best methods to cure urinary intact goede infections like cystitis and urethritis. These herbs cure and reduce the inflammation caused by cystitis and relax muscle spasms. This disease is common not only in women but also in men. The major symptoms of cystitis include fever, nausea or vomiting, burning sensation while urinating, blood in urine or semen in men.

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Regular usage of vigojem tablet increases sexual power in men and treats all problems related to erectile dysfunction in men. 5)   Kamchudamani ras ( Also spelled kaamchudamani ras, kamchuramani ras, kamchoodamani ras and Kamchooramani ras) Ingredients of Kamchudamani ras : muktapishti, suvarnmakshik bhasm, suvarn bhasm, bhimseni kapur, javitri, jaayfal, lavang, rajat bhasm and vang bhasm - all these 9 remedies 20 grams each. Dalchini, tejpaat, chhoti ilaichi ke daane, naagkeshar powder - 90 grams. Preparation method of Kamchudamani ras : : mix and grind/flour all the ingredients to prepare a fine combined powder. Pound/mortar this powder in Shatavar rasa for seven days and then prepare small pills 0f 1-5 grams each. Dosage of Kamchudamani ras :- take 2 pills of Kamchudamani ras in morning and evening with milk. Usage, benefits and advantages of Kamchudamani ras : Kamchudamani ras is the king of all remedies of the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Continuous usage of 2-3 months cures all ed problems and impotence in men and provides sufficient sexual energy, vigour and overall sexual health benefits.

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Tejpatra, saunth, dashamool, brahmi and jataamaanshi 20-20 grams each and kesar 2 grams. (Note -all ayurvedic medicines, ingredients and bhasmas etc. Listed in m are easily available in all ayurvedic medical shops in India. Preparation method of Vigogem tablet : - first mix and grind thin akarkara, taalmakhaana and vidhaara and make a fine thin powder. Then mix all bhasmas, Shilajit and kesar.

Mix and grind the entire solution in the juice of paan. Now make small-small pills of this solution and dry them in shadow. Your Vigogem tablet is ready. Quantity and dosage of Vigojem Tablets : - eat 2-2 pills every morning and evening with milk for one to two months. Usage, benefits and advantages of Vigojem tablets : - vigojem tablet treats the weakness of penis and provide strength to male sexual organ. It cures the problems related to low sex drive, reinigingsmelk low libido, premature ejaculation, disinterest in sex and overall erectile dysfunction.

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This Shilajit remedy is very useful in the improvement of seminal quality and quantity. It effectively treats the sexual health problems of men by eliminating premature ejaculation and increasing climax time. 2) Another very effective and tested ayurvedic home remedy for erectile dysfunction is listed below:- -take 8 teaspoonful juice of white onion, 6 spoonful of ginger juice, 4 spoonful of pure honey and 2 spoonful of pure ghee. Mix all the ingredients properly and prepare a solution. Now take 4 spoonful of this solution for 5 consecutive days. This solution works as an effective ayurvedic home remedy syrup for erectile dysfunction in Men.

3) Ingredients: take equal quantities of Giloy, trifla, mulhathi, bidarikand, white musli, naagkeshar and Shataavari. (All ingredients listed in m are easily available in all ayurvedic shops in India. ) Preparation method: mix and grind all the ingredients properly and make a powder. Your another home Indian ayurvedic remedy for Erectile dysfunction is ready. Dosage: take approximately 5 gram of this powder and mix it in pure honey and eat every day in the morning for few days. This remedy increases the semen quality and quantity very effectively. 4)  Vigogem tablet (also spelled vigojem or veegojem tablet) Preparation method, ingredients and dosage of vigojem tablet for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is listed below:- Ingredients of Vigojem tablet : - akarkara, kukkutandatvak bhasm, abhrak bhasma, vang bhasma. Loh bhasma, swarna vang, vidhaara, taalmakhaana, ilaychi, khurasaani ajwayin, peepal all 10 grams each. Ashvagandha (asgandh)and Shilajit 25 grams each.

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The most important characteristic of ayurvedic remedy Shilajit is that it not only works in eliminating the diseases but also provides a healthy and powerful body to the healthy men and women as well. Below we are listing a very useful and effective ayurvedic Indian remedy which is made with Shilajit for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men :- ingredients of ed remedy with Shilajit : Pure Shilajit, abhrak bhasm, swarn bhasm, loh bhasm, pure googal( guggul suhaage. ( tattoo 'Bhasm' means 'powder' and all the 'bhasms' listed in biovatica are available with the same name in indian ayurvedic stores.) Preparation method and dosage : take all ingredients in equal quantities, mix them well and prepare a powder. Take some 'bhangre ka ras ' in a pot and mix the entire circle powder. Shake this solution for 2-3 days to make it dry. Now make small small pills from the dried solution. Your ayurvedic herbal Indian remedy for erectile dysfunction is ready.

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As per traditional belgie belief in, ayurveda, all types of male erectile dysfunctions are curable except those caused by injury and birth defects. In m we will list and discuss the most popular and effective ayurvedic Indian home remedies for the treatment and cure of Erectile dysfunction. Shilajit (also spelled Shilajeet) - in almost all ancient. Ayurvedic books, importance and characteristics of Shilajit is mentioned as a source of virility and vigour for Men. Shilajit is used as the important part of many Indian ayurvedic remedies for the sexual health of Men. Shilajit is famous and popular for being effective in the treatment of numerous diseases, health conditions and disorders. Shilajit is generally considered to be very useful and most effective in the treatments of problems related to sexual health. But actually Shilajit is an ayurvedic remedy which can be used in the treatments of numerous other health conditions in addition to sexual health. Hence, not only diseased but fully healthy men can also use Shilajit for maintenance of good overall health and sexual health.

3) Lesser production of semen and sperms - excessive indulgence in sexual activities(sex addiction too much masturbation and continued sexual thoughts, porn watching habits and erotic material reading also badly affect the semen production system and result in Erectile dysfunction. In elderly or middle aged men, the natural death of cells of different body parts and long term sexual addiction are the main causes of low semen production which result in Erectile dysfunction. 4) Disease generated Erectile dysfunction. Suffering from any long term chronic or sexually transmitted disease (STD) also causes the condition of Erectile dysfunction. 5) Erectile dysfunction caused by a damaged artery or nerve - an external injury or a cut in an artery or nerve which supply blood to the penis and male genital area can cause disruption uitslag of blood supply to penis and the lack of essential. 6) Long term celibacy or abstinence from sexual activity is also a cause of erectile dysfunction. In today's time this type of erectile dysfunction has become very rare. 7) Natural or by birth impotence in male. It is also very rare and is the result of birth defects and congenital abnormalities in the sexual organ resulting in Erectile dysfunction.

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Ayurveda's complete overview/Analysis on Male Erectile dysfunction and List of 59 free indian ayurvedic Home remedies for Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment with Natural Home remedies is Listed on This Page. 1) Erectile dysfunction due to mental Condition or Psychological State - feelings of fear, sorrow, worry, stress, sadness, mourning and disinterest etc. Are the main reasons of this type of Erectile dysfunction. Too much negative, weasel worded and misleading advertisements and misconceptions in this topic help in the development of several kinds of Fallacies in the men's mind (especially the younger males) which make them less self-confident about their sexual ability. And when this youth with a lesser self-confidence indulge in sexual intercourse, he possess several negative thoughts in his mind including stress, worry, hesitation and doubt about his sexual performance and abilities. All These things don't allow penis to get proper erection and hardness, thus resulting in Erectile dysfunction. This type of ed is very mask common and is experienced by many men. 2 erectile dysfunction caused by bad Eating Habits. Regularly eating very spicy food, too hot food, too sour food, excessive and regular use of alcohol and tobacco, cigarette smoking, drug usage and any other substance abuse badly affects semen and sperms and are primary cause of the condition of Erectile dysfunction.

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