Custard Cream was introduced to our pallets by the innovative victorians who decorated the biscuit with the famous swirls we all know and love. Find great deals on ebay for custard cream mould and bourbon mould. 1-16 of 139 results for custard mold. Free standing Cone Shape. 4.4 out of 5 stars. Custard Cream silicone cake mould has tea-time for giants covered! When it comes to being iconic the. Custard Cream is king, and us Brits have been enjoying the.

custard cream mould it comes to being Iconic the. Custard Cream is King, and we Brits have been enjoying the simple pleasures of this delicious biscuit for over 100 years!

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custard cream mould

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A french term, derived from the Arabic word bardaa meaning padded saddle. Barde de lard A thin slice of salted and fatty bacon. Barista a person employed to operate an espresso machine in a coffee shop. An Italian word, barista translates as worker in or owner of a bar. Baron Legs with the loins attached. Baron Dagneau the saddle and legs of lamb or mutton left in one piece and roasted. Also a double loin of beef left in one piece and cooked whole.

custard cream mould

Au four baked in an oven. Au gratin Sprinkled with breadcrumbs, cheese or both and browned under a grill before serving. Translates as with a crust. Au jus Describes a meat which is served in its own cooking juices. Translates as with the juice. Au naturel A food that is served plainly and simply, often uncooked unseasoned food.

Translates as in the natural state. Au vin Blanc Prepared with the addition of white wine. B badam An Asian term, meaning an almond processed for cooking. Ballotine fish, meat or poultry that has been cosmetics boned, stuffed, rolled and tied in a bundle. Usually braised or poached. A term traditionally applied only to poultry. Bard to cover the breast of a bird with thin slices of fat prior to roasting.

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Antipasti food served at the beginning of an Italian meal, either as a starter or as a snack. Antipasti translates from Italian as before food. Aperitif An alcoholic beverage drunk before the beginning of a meal. A french term derived from the latin word aperire meaning to open. Apparell A culinary term for a prepared mixture ready for further processing. For example bombe apparell or croquette apparell.

Apricoter to coat with strained and reduced apricot jam. Aromates Herbs used as a flavouring. Aromatic having a distinctive and pleasant smell; fragrant. Derived from the Greek word aromatikos meaning spice. Asseoir a french word meaning to to seat. Assiette a french word meaning to place at table. Assiette Anglaise a selection of sliced cold meats. Au bleu a method of preparing and cooking trout in court-bouillon, a specific dish known as truit au bleu.

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From the French word amande meaning almond. Amuse-gueule, translates from the French as to entertain the mouth. Anglaise, means plain in style. When applied advies to fish it means flour, egg washed and bread crumbed. In the case of vegetables it often means boiled. In French cooking it is egg beaten with oil and seasoning. Animelles a french term indicating the delicate tender parts of a lamb, especially the fillet and loin. Also referred to as criadillas. Annoncer to call out orders in a kitchen or restaurant.

custard cream mould

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From the French word aiguille meaning little needle. Aile, the wing of poultry or game, also known as aileron. Akami, japanese term describing a cut from the lean loin of a tuna fish, used in sushi and sashimi. Alfresco, outdoors, in the open air. An Italian term meaning in the fresh. A whole unboned sirloin of beef. Amandine, a french term meaning cooked, filled or served with almonds. For example arkefly salmon amandine.

A lespagnole, literally roth translates from French as, in the Spanish style. Al a minuta, a french term literally meaning cooked in a minuet; often applied to food cooked at the table, for example traditional stroganoff. Al Dente, an Italian term which describes the consistency of pasta when cooked correctly. Al dente literally translates as to the tooth,. The pasta should be slightly firm to the bite. A french term indicating the head, heart, livers, kidney, tongue, feet, etc, of an animal. Aboyeur, a person responsible for the calling of an order within a kitchen, making sure that each section is aware of any requirements. Aiguille a brider, a trussing needle. Aiguillettes, thin long strips, vertically cut, principally of duck breast and other poultry.

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Although many of the terms below do not relate specifically for baking, you may encounter from time to time, a collection of these terms used through professional kitchens around the world. A, a la, literally means in the style. A la Translates makeup from French as in the fashion. A la Broche, meat roasted on a spit. A la carte, menu items prepared fresh to order. A french term, a la carte translates as by the menu. Translates from the French as in the Greek style.

Custard cream mould
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