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ysl forever range

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Now back to the cleansing foam, ysl "Forever youth Liberator" is a special range from ysl designed to liberate our skin's youthful appearance. Go behind the scenes of yves saint laurent 's newest skincare range, forever light creator. Ysl have just launched a brand new range of cc creams with 3 variants, rose, lavender and Apricot. Heres what you need to know about the ysl cc cream Forever Light Creator. Ysl Forever youth Liberator 15ml Brand new in box. Box a bit tatty, contains fine. This elixir has the highest concentration of Glycanactif in the range to stimulate regeneration deep within the skin and.

ysl forever range

However, these come at a price, namely in the form of silicones and parfum. . Both are not so great for your skin so sensitive skin types, watch out! . On the plus side, the entire range is paraben-free (but not preservative free). . The sa was kind enough to gift me some universal samples from the range. . Will post my thoughts once ive had a chance to try them out!

Have you tried the ysl range of skincare? . If so, what did you think of it? Related 9 comments so far.

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so, this is definitely a great one for layering! Rounding up the entire range, there are 3 moisturizing creams and 1 emulsion for hydration. . There is the classic crème, which is a gel-cream texture. . There is also a richer night cream that is thicker in consistency, but silky to the touch. . For day time use, there is the spf 15 cream, and an emulsion that is my preferred choice. .

Last but certainly not least, there is an eye cream to combat aging and provide hydration to this special area. The session left me deeply impressed, which is quite a feat. . I had the entire collection tested on the back of 1 of my hands, and it stayed luminous and felt soft and smooth throughout the entire day! . i am also pleasantly surprised to find the entire collection is fairly affordable ranging from 79 (for the 150ml cleanser) to 189 (for the 50ml serum, the 30ml serum retails for 149). . Judging from the prices on the internet, it seems ysl is cheaper in Singapore than the us! . my wallet is sooo happy! What I loved about the range is the light textures and lovely scent. .

Ysl touche Eclat Blur Primer review

Forever youth Liberator eye zone serum. . This eye serum targets fine lines, crows feet, dark circles and eye bags. . sounds like a handful, but certainly goji a pre-requisite for any good eye product these days. . The consistency and texture is similar to the original face serum. . The ubiquitous dropper is also used here. . Update: I recently finished a whole bottle, i used it both day and night layered with my usual eye cream. . to be honest while i was using it, i did not notice much improvements to my eye area. . But the moment I stopped using it, my lids started drooping noticeably! .

ysl forever range

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Next, we followed up with the toner, which was pleasant but unremarkable. The star of the range is the. Ysl forever youth Liberator Serum, featuring the highest concentration of Glycanactif, to stimulate regeneration deep within the skin and boost youth-promoting functions. This is a light weight milky fluid that has a very slight tacky feeling, but is watery enough to allow it to be massaged all over the face. . It sinks into the skin quickly, leaving no residue. . The bottle comes with a dropper applicator, which is useful for dispensing the right amount of product. However, it could be tricky to handle as thermale the bottle is tall with a narrow base, the dropper is unusually long, and generally i prefer pump dispensers for my serums as they keep the precious contents air-tight. . Regardless, the forever youth Liberator Serum has the same elegant floral scent, which I loved. To address specific concerns of the eye area, ysl has introduced the.

Unfortunately, their level diminishes over time, leading to the locking of the cells. . ysl has identified an innovative combination of glycans, called Glycanactif, which unlocks the cells to reactivate their vital functions and release youth-promoting messages at all levels of the skin. . This breakthrough complex is said to recreate glycans lost with age, and promote the synthesis of matrix components of the skin architecture, as well as skin regeneration mechanisms. . As a result, skin is instantly evened out, glowing and radiant. . over time, skin becomes more toned, firmer, smoother and more supple. The ysl forever youth Liberator collection comprises a cleansing foam, toner, serum (face eyes various moisturizers, and an eye cream. During the session, i had the opportunity to experience each remedy of the products from the collection. . Starting with the cleanser, this was a gel-cream texture that foams on its own upon massaging onto the skin. . It lathers up further upon contact with water, and has a beautiful floral scent that makes this daily routine a luxurious treat. .

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Andrew weil Mega-defense barrier-boosting Essence oil origins. Shiseido Essential Energy day cream spf 20 shiseido. I recently had a chance to sit down with a consultant at the. Yves saint laurent counter at tangs orchard to experience the entire. Forever youth Liberator collection of skincare pigmentvlekken products. . launched last year, this line of products harnesses the discoveries of Glycobiology, described by mit as one of the 10 sciences that will change the future of medicine. . Glycans are found most commonly on the surface of cells, and are essential to their binding and play a crucial role in cutaneous equilibrium. .

Ysl forever range
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