If the water is too acidic, your body has to take calcium from your bones and joints to re-mineralize this acidic water. An acidic ph level is a direct cause of inflammation in your body and leads to most illnesses! There are also pathogens, heavy metals, prescription drugs, chemicals and waste products in that same water. No wonder most of the people in the so-called civilized world have their health so out of whack. If you are not drinking alkaline (preferably ionized) water, then you are selling your health short! The other chemicals in acidic water will eventually cause disease, cancers, Alzheimers, brittle bones, wrinkled saggy skin, and make you look decrepit and much older than you really are.

best alkaline water to drink bottled water many miles to local stores) and stops plastic bottle waste. Alkaline vs Acidic Water, water alkalinity or acidity is measured in parts hydrogen or simply. Regular tap water, reverse osmosis, distilled and most bottled waters are extremely acidic in nature. This acidity causes the water molecules to become unstructured, with low surface tension and will reduce the effectiveness of any supplements or medicines you are taking as they are not the right molecule size and structure to properly hydrate your bodys cells.

This is a serious problem as Sodium Fluoride is a deadly toxin that contrary to popular belief does not prevent tooth decay but causes dental fluorosis instead. It lowers your iq by around 10 points, makes you weaker, sicker and more sedate. It is the active ingredient in most anti-depressants like prozac and was placed in the concentration camps in Auschwitz to make the jewish prisoners less likely to fight back. And that is just hylo Fluoride! Read more about why you should not drink tap or fluoridated water here: Why you must filter your water. So what are the benefits of drinking ionized alkaline water instead of acidic water? Removes excess acids in your body (acidity leads to most major diseases including cancer, immune diseases, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, and chronic bowel conditions). Gets harmful Fluoride, glyphosate, chloramine, radiation, medications, heavy metals, giardia, brain eating amoeba and other pathogens out of your water and body). Protects your Pineal Gland from fluoride calcification (typically referred to your third eye gland). Restores lost energy from chronic fatigue from a highly acidic body.

best alkaline water to drink

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Alkaline pH, the water you are drinking now, can either heal you and make hands you feel great, or it can weaken you and literally make you sick. Most people take for granted that the water they are drinking (typically bottled and even tap water) is safe and even healthy to drink. If you are drinking tap water or even most bottled water, you should read on as you can be robbing your bodys (and brains) health. Water can either be Alkaline pH or Acidic. Tap water is usually acidic, as is most bottled water and all distilled water. Most cities actually add the heavy metals. Chloramine and, fluoride to your tap water for your own good.

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Sunbathing, infrared sauna, most powerful is wavelengths of about three micrometers? See: Far Infrared Energy in Alkaline water. Val: Electrons pouring out of the earth's negative field,. Walking barefoot on earth or otherwise grounding ourselves? Val: From our own metabolic reactions which continuously generate heat or infrared? Val: And other more exotic ways like sitting in a hyperbaric chamber (oxygen pressure on the water in our bodies). Me, val: Is glacial melt H3O2 water, because ez water is the intermediate stage between liquid water and ice? Do you see what.

best alkaline water to drink

I would say the "vast majority" of water in our bodies, rather than all the water. That would be more accurate. Me, val: The bulk water (H2O) we drink turns into ez water (H3O2) on the hydrophilic water-loving surfaces of the double-lipid cell membranes? Pollack: Not just the membranes, but all the hydrophilic surfaces within the cells, as well. That includes protein surfaces, nucleic acid surfaces, etc.

Me, val: An ez water layer builds up both outside the membrane (in the lymph) and inside (in the cytoplasm) when energy is applied to it? It builds by adding layer upon layer of ez water, and can build millions of molecular layers? The "millions of layers" are what we see in the laboratory. The number in the cell should be lower, mainly because the cell contains salt. In salty water, we find that EZs are smaller, so the number should be much less. (Also, there's no room in the cell for all those layers.). From H2O to H3O2, me, val: The energy needed to convert regular bulk water (H2O) into healthy structured water (H3O2) inside our bodies, is provided by: Photons of light especially sunlight and infrared light,.

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We have many tests to conduct in the future, and we want to carry them out objectively.". H3O2 Water in living Organisms, i emailed. Pollack with my questions about structured water. Here are his replies. Note: this page has been checked and ok'd.

Me, val: This is my understanding so far. Please can you confirm it's correct? The water in our bodies is not bulk water H2O. It's ez water H3O2? This is true of all living organisms — fruits, veggies, etc? Pollack: Yes that's essentially true.

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Years ago in 2004 I wrote that alkaline lichaam water is the closest thing to green whitening juices. Finally in 2013 a scientist,. Pollack, confirms it in a preliminary way. He's raising funds to research the health benefits of ez water. It does not mean. Pollack endorses Ionizers or any other structured water product. He emailed me on 11/29/13: "I'm really careful to avoid endorsing any product.

best alkaline water to drink

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It's one reason fresh juices are so healthy. You're drinking ez water! Pollack chatting with Bob McCauley here —. Part 1 and, part. Bob is the author. The miraculous Properties of Ionized Water: The definitive guide to clown the world's healthiest Substance. Pollack says the evidence points to alkaline water being similar in properties to his living ez water. The chief difference is that alkaline water is made by electrodes in an Ionizer, whereas the ez water inside you is created by your own metabolic reactions. And by healthy activities like basking in the sun and walking barefoot on the earth.

He's founding editor-in-chief of the scientific journal. In his book, the fourth Phase of Water: beyond Solid, liquid, and Vapor he points out how structured water in living beings is a crystalline H3O2 (not H2O). He calls it ez water, standing for "Exclusion Zone" because the water excludes impurities, as ice does. Download free chapters. Pollack's book here, including the final Chapter 18: The secret Rules of Nature. (from here on, i use H3O2 and H2o, ignoring the subscript). This structured water is in all living organisms calorieen — including fruits, vegetables, and you 'n.

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Catch synefrine this Webinar with the world's leading researcher on structured water,. Gerald Pollack, and the leading inventor of structured water devices, Clayton Nolte. When you register, you get 4 free chapters. Pollack's book, the fourth Phase of Water, hailed as "The most important scientific discovery of this century.". Do you know the best water to drink, to feed your living cells? It's ez water, short for Exclusion Zone water. Gerald Pollack is the world's leading expert on water.

Best alkaline water to drink
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